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Sep 14, 2011

Quick & Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids- Dum Dum Pop Ghosts and Spiders

Let your little witches and warlocks turn this Halloween into frightful fun with Dum Dum ghost and spider lollipops! Your kids can transform Dum Dum Pops into something truly spooktacular in just a few easy steps. These ghost and spider lollipops are easy Halloween crafts for even your littlest goblins to join in on the fun. They make great Halloween party favors for a classroom party, and trick-or-treaters will love them, too. These Halloween treats are going to be the hit of any party, so be sure to make plenty!

Tips to make these easy Halloween crafts terrifying:

• Let your kids get creative by drawing a mix of friendly and frightful ghost faces.
• Dress up your Halloween ghost pops with festive Halloween ribbons around their "necks"
• Make the lollipops ahead of time and use them in your Halloween décor - just place the stems in centerpieces, floral arrangements, wreaths, etc.

Halloween Ghost pops

What you'll need:

Dum Dums - Original Pops
• White dinner napkins, cheesecloth, or tissue paper
• Festive ribbon
• Black sharpie

How to make it:

Take a 6" square of cheesecloth. Place the Dum Dum Pop in the center of the 6" square and wrap the cheesecloth around the lollipop. Secure the cloth with a short length of ribbon and tie in a bow. Take a sharpie and draw a face on the "head." That's it! Is this not one of the easiest Halloween crafts for kids?

Another easy Halloween craft for kids...Scary Halloween spider pops

What you'll need:

Dum Dums - Original Pops
• Black pipe cleaners
• Googly eyes
• Glue

How to make it:

Take four black pipe cleaners, center over the lollipop to ensure the spider "legs" are even on either side. Wrap the pipe cleaners once around the base of the lollipop, creating four legs on either side. Bend the pipe cleaners to create the spider legs. Glue on the googly eyes to the black "body."

You're done. Now you can enjoy these creepy-crawly treats! This Halloween kids craft is easy enough to make with a preschool class.


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