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Jul 30, 2013

Summer Crafts for Kids: Ice Cube Boats with Dum Dums Sails

Both a decoration and a treat, ice cube boats are the perfect summer activity for kids. Make sure to enjoy your Dum Dums before they sail away!
Supplies for Ice Cube Boats

What you'll need:

• Assorted Dum Dums
• Ice Cube Tray
• Clothespins
• Cardstock Paper
Sail Template
• Craft Glue
• Scissors


1. You'll need Dum Dums and Dum Dums wrappers for this craft so carefully unwrap 10-15 lollipops. Any of the Dum Dums flavors will work! You may need more or less depending on the number you want to make.

2. Fill up the ice cube tray with water and then clothespin the Dum Dums. Place clothespins on the sticks of unwrapped Dum Dums and put one into each hole of the ice cube tray. The clothespins will hold up the Dum Dums while your ice cubes freeze.

3. Place in the freezer. Give your ice cubes two hours or more to freeze thoroughly.

4. Use the sail template provided below to cut out the sail out of the Dum Dums wrapper and the cardstock. Glue the Dum Dums wrappers to the outside of the cardstock. Gently bend the sail in half and use scissors to snip a small slitin the sail, one at the top and one at the bottom. Place the Dum Dums stick through the holes and place your Dum Dums sailboat in a bowl of water!

completed ice cube boats


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