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Many of us have fond memories of receiving a lollipop at the bank or doctor's office as a child. The Leo Burnett advertising agency, in a study of the lollipop market, reported that customers "remember specific places that give away lollipops". They also found that "customers say that complimentary lollipops brighten their day". See our latest research on giveaway candy.

Spangler Candy Company, manufacturer of Dum Dums, Saf-T-Pops, and other candy treats, has known this for a long time. Since Spangler began manufacturing Dum Dums in 1953, the multi-flavored, miniature lollipops have been the most popular giveaway lollipop on the market. Find out where to buy Dum Dums and Saf-T-Pops…

The level of that popularity is evident in the production numbers; Spangler makes 10 million Dum Dums every day. The latest studies show that Dum Dums have a brand awareness of 92%, meaning that most consumers recognize the brand.

Dum Dums, which are conveniently small in size and come in 16 + 1 flavors (the "+ 1" refers to the Mystery Flavor™), are popular giveaway candy or thank you candy at restaurants, banks, salons, dry cleaners, schools, and even for community service agencies such as law enforcement and fire departments.

Another favorite giveaway candy is the Saf-T-Pop, also manufactured by Spangler, and a particular favorite of pediatricians. With its easy-to-grasp, collapsible safety loop handle, the Saf-T-Pop appeals especially to young children. Parents also appreciate that each Saf-T-Pop is completely wrapped, handle and all. Saf-T-Pops are sometimes referred to as the "doctor's pop".

Many businesses offer both Dum Dums and Saf-T-Pops as complimentary candy and reward candy to appeal to all ages - big kids (adults) and little kids! With almost 74 million kids under the age of 18 - 23.7 percent of the total U.S. population (U.S. Census Bureau 2011), offering Dum Dums or Saf-T-Pops is not only a kind gesture - it's smart business.

Learn more about bank candy, barber shop candy, church candy, police & fire department candy, hospital & doctors office candy, parade candy, office candy and restaurant candy. Or, learn why bulk candy is good for business.

As a giveaway alternative for the holidays, Spangler Candy manufactures individually wrapped miniature peppermint-flavored candy canes. Whether Dum Dums, Saf-T-Pops, or Spangler Candy Canes, giveaway candy is a great way to leave customers with a good taste in their mouth.


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Reward your visitors or put your patients at ease... with Dum Dums & Saf-T-Pops!

We recommend you support Spangler Candy's distributors & retail customers by buying your Dum Dums and Saf-T-Pops at a local club store, food, drug, or mass retailer, or candy distributor near you. These retailers provide the best value, and the convenience of being local.

Current retailers that carry Dum Dum Pops.

Current retailers that carry Saf-T-Pops.

For the Saf-T-Pop retailers, you will go to the Saf-T-Pops web site in a new browser window. Close that window to return here.

If you cannot locate a local retailer or distributor, you can purchase Dum Dums, Saf-T-Pops, and Spangler Candy Canes in large bags, boxes, and bulk cases at our Spangler Candy Store web site. Items are shipped via the most economical method - UPS, US Postal Service, or Fedex. Flat rate shipping charges are available and shown before you submit your order.

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