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Spangler Candy Canes

Enjoy Spangler Candy Canes this holiday season!

Enjoy Spangler Candy Canes this holiday season!
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Spangler Candy Shopping Instructions

Shopping Instructions


(1) SELECT A CATEGORY by clicking on it in the drop down menu under Online Store.

(2)Select flavor or size, if applicable. Input your quantity, then click ADD TO CART.

(3) Enter your shipping zipcode to estimate your shipping costs. Click CONTINUE.

(4) You can change the items in your cart by doing one of the following:

      (4a) Change the quantity by clicking in the QTY area and typing it in.
      (4b) If you change the quantity, then click the UPDATE button to update the dollar total.
      (4c) Delete a single item by clicking on the DELETE button. Your order will be recalculated.
      (4d) Empty the cart by clicking on CLEAR CART. You will get a message that the cart has been emptied.

(5) Return to shop for more items by clicking on CONTINUE SHOPPING at the top of the screen.

(6) Shipping charges are re-calculated after you enter your shipping zip code and each time you add or delete items. After you are finished shopping, select PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to fill out your billing and shipping information. You can type in and then confirm that you entered the correct information before submitting your order. The order process uses VeriSign encryption technology to keep your information confidential.

(6a) Next you may see an optional registration screen. If you order frequently, it is convenient to register with your email and a password. Choose 1 of 3 options: LOG-IN with a current email and password, click REGISTER & CHECK OUT to register, or click CHECK OUT AS GUEST to buy products without registering. If you give us your email we do not sell or rent it out. We do send an order confirmation email and for most items you get a shipping email notice with a tracking number to track your package.

(7) Fill out the billing information. If paying by credit card, billing information is the address where your credit card statements are sent. Select "Shipping Info same as Billing" if your billing and shipping addresses are the same. To have the order billed to you, but shipped to a different location, fill out where you want the items shipped. If you are a registered user, simply pick an address from the drop down arrow, or you can type in a new address.

(7a) Select Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Bill To Company Acct, or PayPal (Visa is selected by default). If you have a promotional code or PO# (optional), fill in the code or number. Fill in your credit card number and expiration date if ordering with your credit card. Fill in your credit card verification number.  What is CVV2? Check the box to save your credit card information for future orders (within a 1 year time period).  Credit card information is not saved on our servers - it uses a reference payment or tokenization to reference the card on the credit card processor's servers. 

(8) Click on REVIEW YOUR ORDER to move to the next step.

(9) You will be shown the billing & shipping information so you can confirm it is correct. Items are shipped via UPS GROUND, FEDEX GROUND, USPS, UPS 2nd DAY, or UPS NEXT DAY. For ground shipments, we pick the most economical method. The dollar amount for shipping is shown separately. Select the shipping option you prefer - Ground Flat Rate is the default. You will be shown the specifics of your order and the total dollar amount.

Ground Flat Rate shipping charges (for all states except Alaska and Hawaii) are based on the total order amount as shown below:

  • $0.00 - 4.00 = $3 shipping
  • $4.01 - 15.00 = $6 shipping
  • $15.01 - 30.00 = $8 shipping
  • $30.01 - 50.00 = $10 shipping
  • $50.01 - 70.00 = $14 shipping
  • $70.01 - 100.00 = $16 shipping
  • $100.01 - 150.00 = $24 shipping
  • $150.01 - 200.00 = $30 shipping
  • $200.01 - 250.00 = $36 shipping
  • $250.00+ = 15-20% of order value

(10) Select SUBMIT ORDER to transmit your order to Spangler Candy. If you selected PayPal, you will be transferred to the PayPal login page. You will receive a confirmation email with your unique order number and our contact information.

Note: If you are a registered user (step 6a above), you can log in to your account and update your name, email address, billing address, and shipping addresses. For security purposes, credit card information is not retained on our servers. For your convenience, however, we do use reference payment or tokenization so that you can bill future orders on the same card within a period of 1 year from each last order.  You can also view or print information on recent orders. Simply click on the My Account link at the top of the page and enter your email address and password.

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